P90x day 6
howdy folks this is day 6 of my fitness journey. I feel incredibly sore but I'm a keep on keeping on. I think i might have slightly injured my neck but A lil Ib profen and tiger balm with the occasional epsom salt soak should do the trick. Poor nate is out of the fitness journey for atleast a week he has strep and flu woohoo! On a personal note my legs havent been this tight and sore in a very long time. The last time my legs felt this workedout was probably when i was playing ice hockey. Ice hockey practice was brutal and consisted of mainly leg work. I remember skating suicides in practice and nearly always throwing up from the intensity of training.

Anywho today is day 6 of my journey and it was my scheduled day to do kenpo X, I have to say besides the thrown in yoga junk I really enjoyed the workout. I found it a little on the easy side but I'm use to intense martials arts training.

all in all this week long journey has been challenging and fun I look forward to the next several weeks of p90x training,, yay baby BRING IT

mucho luv

Rynn ^_^

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p90x day 5

Right well today was completely full of numerous exercises that hurt so good. I did legs and back as well ab ripper X. The legs and back was a challenge  but I stuck with it and got it done. I LOVE SQUATS ( that's what I have to tell myself lol). I am certainly not able to do pulls yet but I will its my goal to do 15 by the end of 90 days.
As far as ab ripper I try my best but I'm not as of yet able to do all the reps or exercises for that matter, but I push forward regardless. I'm sticking to my diet plan and my tummy has really flattened out my arms are tight and my legs are sore. I know it sounds crazy to say that I can feel a difference already but I can.

On a sad note Nathan has come down sick, so his p90x journey is bit delayed. This is the first time in ages that I have seen Nathan full blown sick like this.

Well thanks again for tuning in I'm going to keep up the fight on this p90x odyssey.

Much love

P90x day 4
Right well fried ends it's day 4 of my p90x journey and I have kinda broken the diet plan. My folks came into town and took us to a fancy shmancy steak house. I stayed within the "small" portions. I had a salad, tiny cup of soup, rice pilaf and 4 oz of fillet mignon.

I was with all reason within my dietary limitations. Anyways today is my scheduled day for p90x yoga X.
And wow holy boring I really hate yoga and I find it worthless in my workout routine. I throoughly enjoy stretching and I think flexibility is extremely important. I just really dislike yoga, it's not my thing. I did as much as I could but couldnt do all the moves and I honestly didnt care to. I think instead of yoga I will subsitute another dvd.  Well thats my update I'll be writing tomorrow, see you then.

Much love

Day three p90X
Hiya folks it's me again!!

well it's day 3 of my p90x journey. today my work out consisted of 50 minutes of shoulder and arm ( weight training) and  ab ripper X. Wholly crap ouchies. I kept up with every exercise of the shoulder and arm, but the ab ripper cha right!!! i did the best I could but I couldn't do all the reps. I know I will be able to do all the reps and more at the end of program so I'm just holding on to that.

Later today if the weather clears I'm gonna walk two or three miles on the track! so far so good I'm keeping pace and not giving up! I'm gonna keep pressing play and BRING IT  X.


P90x journey day 1 & 2

Hiya folks welcome to my p90x live journal!!!

I started this fitness journal not only to monitor my own progress but to also encourage and inform anyone else considering a fitness transformation.

P90x is NO JOKE it's beyond challenging. This workout is NOT for beginners in fitness. My husband and I have both started our challenge yesterday 2/26/09. He is doing the classic p90x for building muscle and getting cut. I am doing the p90x lean and toned.

Everyone prior to the workout is required to take before and after pictures. Honestly I was a bit appalled at my pictures, I thought it had to be the lighting or some other factors. But no what I was seeing was really just me, after seeing the ugly , the pretty, the flabby, and the tight I am entirely dedicated to working out and getting through the program. I think perhaps I was living in food craving denial but I am currently heavier then I thought I was with areas that have become unrecognizable. I do not hate my body nor myself but after seeing those photos now I know I need to take better care of myself, sweat a little more, dip a little lower in my lunges and eat less with proper balance. I feel positive about this journey and  I know it will be worth it.

So yesterday my first day I did the core synergist  for 1 hour. I could not get through the whole video and I crashed. My sugar dropped and my energy was washed out. I didn't eat enough protein and other necessary elements. I only got 30 minutes in but I will improve, no giving up here!

Today was an entirely different story I drank plenty of H20 and ate protein. Going into the workout well balanced made all the difference in my success. I not only completed the video but I was able to do almost all the reps and most of the exercises!!!!! I was pouring sweat by the time the video was over but I did it all 50 mins. It's crazy and way too early to see differences but my tummy has flattened out and I feel tight in my thighs and tummy. WOW this works busts my butt  I will never give up. It feels great to hurt this bad!!! lol

I keep encouraging Nathan to write about his journey however that is up to him.

Remember people BRING IT!!!


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