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P90x day 4
Right well fried ends it's day 4 of my p90x journey and I have kinda broken the diet plan. My folks came into town and took us to a fancy shmancy steak house. I stayed within the "small" portions. I had a salad, tiny cup of soup, rice pilaf and 4 oz of fillet mignon.

I was with all reason within my dietary limitations. Anyways today is my scheduled day for p90x yoga X.
And wow holy boring I really hate yoga and I find it worthless in my workout routine. I throoughly enjoy stretching and I think flexibility is extremely important. I just really dislike yoga, it's not my thing. I did as much as I could but couldnt do all the moves and I honestly didnt care to. I think instead of yoga I will subsitute another dvd.  Well thats my update I'll be writing tomorrow, see you then.

Much love


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