P90x day 6
howdy folks this is day 6 of my fitness journey. I feel incredibly sore but I'm a keep on keeping on. I think i might have slightly injured my neck but A lil Ib profen and tiger balm with the occasional epsom salt soak should do the trick. Poor nate is out of the fitness journey for atleast a week he has strep and flu woohoo! On a personal note my legs havent been this tight and sore in a very long time. The last time my legs felt this workedout was probably when i was playing ice hockey. Ice hockey practice was brutal and consisted of mainly leg work. I remember skating suicides in practice and nearly always throwing up from the intensity of training.

Anywho today is day 6 of my journey and it was my scheduled day to do kenpo X, I have to say besides the thrown in yoga junk I really enjoyed the workout. I found it a little on the easy side but I'm use to intense martials arts training.

all in all this week long journey has been challenging and fun I look forward to the next several weeks of p90x training,, yay baby BRING IT

mucho luv

Rynn ^_^


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