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P90x journey day 1 & 2

Hiya folks welcome to my p90x live journal!!!

I started this fitness journal not only to monitor my own progress but to also encourage and inform anyone else considering a fitness transformation.

P90x is NO JOKE it's beyond challenging. This workout is NOT for beginners in fitness. My husband and I have both started our challenge yesterday 2/26/09. He is doing the classic p90x for building muscle and getting cut. I am doing the p90x lean and toned.

Everyone prior to the workout is required to take before and after pictures. Honestly I was a bit appalled at my pictures, I thought it had to be the lighting or some other factors. But no what I was seeing was really just me, after seeing the ugly , the pretty, the flabby, and the tight I am entirely dedicated to working out and getting through the program. I think perhaps I was living in food craving denial but I am currently heavier then I thought I was with areas that have become unrecognizable. I do not hate my body nor myself but after seeing those photos now I know I need to take better care of myself, sweat a little more, dip a little lower in my lunges and eat less with proper balance. I feel positive about this journey and  I know it will be worth it.

So yesterday my first day I did the core synergist  for 1 hour. I could not get through the whole video and I crashed. My sugar dropped and my energy was washed out. I didn't eat enough protein and other necessary elements. I only got 30 minutes in but I will improve, no giving up here!

Today was an entirely different story I drank plenty of H20 and ate protein. Going into the workout well balanced made all the difference in my success. I not only completed the video but I was able to do almost all the reps and most of the exercises!!!!! I was pouring sweat by the time the video was over but I did it all 50 mins. It's crazy and way too early to see differences but my tummy has flattened out and I feel tight in my thighs and tummy. WOW this works busts my butt  I will never give up. It feels great to hurt this bad!!! lol

I keep encouraging Nathan to write about his journey however that is up to him.

Remember people BRING IT!!!


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